1. Certificate of origin
2. Visa Recommedation Letter
3. Hall hiring - Tariff 2019
4. Library
5. Training Programmes

1: Certificate of origin

Issue of Certificate of Origin and attestation/ certification of documents for export shipments.

The Chamber is one of the Bodies authorised by the Government of India under the International Convention for Simplification of Customs Formalities to attest Certificates of Origin in respect of exports from India to various Countries. In respect of exports to Middle East Countries all export documents should be certified by a Chamber of Commerce recognised by the Embassy and or the Consulate of the Country concerned and legalised by that Embassy/Consulate. Andhra Chamber has been recognised by the Embassies and Consulates of many Countries in the Middle East for certification of exports from India to their respective countries.

Note: To get Certificate of Origin form please contact Andhra Chamber of Commerce22.

2: Visa Recommedation Letter

Issue of recommendation letters to Foreign Embassies/ Consulates in India for grant of visa to Member businessmen proceeding abroad on business. (Only for Andhra Chamber Members)

3: Hall hiring - Tariff 2019

Andhra Chamber has an airconditioned, well furnished Conference hall with a seating capacity of 50 people. This hall is given for hire on rental basis

                                                                                 Hall Rental Tariff:

           Members                            Non-Members                
Meeting Hall – First Floor (Capacity 50 persons)                         Rs.                     Rs.
First 4 hours        2500.00              3000.00
Every additional hours         500.00                 500.00
Hire Charges for LCD Projector & Laptop    
LCD Projector (Per Day)          800.00                 800.00
Laptop (Per Day)          600.00                  600.00


Note: For Hall booking please contact Andhra Chamber of Commerce

4: Library

The Chamber has a well-stocked library containing books, periodicals and general publications on subjects pertaining to commerce and industry. Also available are trade directories from India and other countries. Access to the library is absolutely free for members.

5: Training Programmes

  • Seminars
  • Evening Programmes
  • Conferences
  • Free Consultancy Service Meeting
  • Joint Programmes