Special Project Details

    Andhra Chamber, one of the oldest Chambers in South India, has a Women Business Forum with eminent business women, who are ready to provide mentoring services voluntarily, to the aspiring entrepreneurs.

    Two aspiring Entrepreneurs viz., PriyaMahalakshmi and Sudha are currently enrolled as Incubatees and are being currently provided with mentoring services.

    PriyaMahalakshmi is a first generation entrepreneur in Bakery. She is a Post Graduate in Commerce and was working in accounting line in a couple of organisations before wanted to venture in Baking. Out of own interest she started learning Baking through YouTube channels and she also got an opportunity with Adyar Bakery. Since childhood she has interest in drawing and craft works and she also had interest in making clay toys for her son. That’s how she developed interest in making Fondant cakes.

    M/s.Nina Reddy, member of the ACCWBF has taken Ms.PriyaMahalakshmi, as her Mentee. As a first step, the Chamber has facilitated the Mentee in providing MSME Registration.

    Ms.Sudha has been taken up as Mentee by Ms.SujathaMundra, member of ACCWBF. Ms.Sudha has learnt stitching out of passion, which has helped for her living after marriage. Now she wants to expand the business by providing employment to many people. The Chamber will facilitate by providing the addresses of the members who supply fabrics so that she can purchase the clothes and stitch salwars, blouses etc., and sell.

    If you are an aspiring Entrepreneur and want to pursue your dreams, please visit our Chamber or call us at 24315278